There are specific moments in life which you preserve as memories. These memories are stored as vital snapshots that form our unique personalities.

Rendering of Flagship Model Home – Tour available early Summer 2021 (by associate designer Koralia Giori)

To begin the process of today’s modern interior design, you need to discover the value of these snapshots and how they affect your response to color, texture, and scent.

Somehow, we have lost our ability reconnect to our senses because of information overload from social media. However, my method called Human Sense Connectivity enables us to reconsider our connections.

Athletes achieve optimal success when they enter a “zone” which is when there is synergy between motion and memories.  The objective to achieving the “zone” is finding your trigger points.  Athletes relentlessly practice and rehearse their trigger points and to remember a scheduled process that coaches prepare for optimal performances.

Surprisingly, I use this same method of finding your zone with interior design.  Finding your zone with design is to realize the correlation between reality and your trigger points. Colors, texture, and scent are primarily the senses that emotionally influence your design decisions.

Human Sense Connectivity is the zone between your snapshots and reality. This method is a new version of interior design that allows a more purposeful living environment.

One of my favourite beaches in South Australia – Port Elliot

I grew up near a beautiful beach called Grange Beach in Adelaide, South Australia.  I would exercise almost daily at Grange Beach when I was a teenager.  All my aspirations and determination were built during these moments.  I vividly remember the bright white-blue colors of the sky that have become my vital snapshots.  This is my way of connecting with home in Adelaide and it assures me with the emotions of comfort and solitude.

Designing your space using memories and trigger points are methods for a more purposeful interior.  There are visual and meditative techniques that I use to tap into the zone. However, this does not prevent you from creating a high-end luxury interior but rather a guide to your finish and material selections. Your style of design is dictated by your fashion sense and cultured background.  The connections between materials and objects are controlled by familiarity and personal attractions.

The future of interior design is not only about the sustainability of building but to feel connected to your environment.  Finding clarity within your space provides support and direction to a modern lifestyle that is going to become more holistic and authentic.

I am excited to announce that early next April 2021, Socks Construction’s Design Elemental will open its first flagship studio that will allow you to choose your custom tailored Component Construction home with luxury brands like Holland & Sherry, DuChateau flooring, Farrow & Ball paints, Palecek Furniture & Lighting, Polywood outdoor furniture, Strictly plumbing, Adamo Style scent products, Rizzoli Design books, and our exclusive porcelain tile series.

Also, our first Modern Luxury home nestled in the woods of Frankfort, MI will be available to tour late Spring 2021.  Marketing and images for our exclusive modern home is coming soon in December 2020.

For more information on our home series packages and exclusive custom homes, please contact Angelo Adamo (Creative Director) at 231-631-0055 or